Note To Self: 3-13-17 — March 13, 2017

Note To Self: 3-13-17

I do hope everyone’s enjoying the page.  I’ve noticed quite an uptick in views and some new faces and followers.  To those of you who may read, this, I thank you for your interest and hope to continue to pique it.

This morning I got up and did a few job applications.  My self-imposed two week recovery from the exam is officially over and it’s time to get back on the horse.  I even helped move some tile around, got some exercise.  All that jazz.  Hopefully I can return to my routine soon enough.  Hopefully I’m employed soon as well.  I won’t go too far into that, though.  My personal life isn’t that interesting, compared to the things I share, I believe.  But I also use this thing for personal reflection, so why not?

I’m definitely glad I got further into WordPress.  I really like the features much more than Tumblr, it just seems so much more complete.  I never really “adored” the concept of micro-blogging.  Also, I’ve gotten so tired of the vitriol of the place.  It’s like my facebook feed before I started unfollowing everyone.  One particularly disconcerting thing is that people quote twitter feeds that quote news stories that misconstrue other news.  I wonder if that is purposeful.  Do they like a juicy bit they read that is poorly attributed on a rag, then google a twitter who quotes it so they have some separation?

It’s really working out well here so far, I’ve run across so many interesting writings thus far.  People seem to think more on wordpress, and I like that.

Ponderance 3-11-2017 — March 11, 2017

Ponderance 3-11-2017

I’m so glad that I’m not trying to “grow as a writer.”  I like being a one trick pony.   I didn’t know that ponies performed tricks, or that they had more than one to do.  I’m glad that I’m more than that and thus less.  Oooh…mental backflips, I see ya goin’ ass over teakettle.  Oooh.  Nothing.  Nothing at all.

Charles Bukowski is worse than Charles Bukowski.

 Image result for less than signImage result for charles bukowski

Am I hyper or something?  This sucks.  Sucks, sucks, sucks.  It hurts to re-read.  I’m going to write book reviews of teen fiction on Amazon, that are way too long and “deep.”

“And I’ll have miles to go before I sleep.”

Robert Frost farted in a breadbasket once, and I heard Seamus Heaney bought it from the afterlife.

Image result for robert frostImage result for fartedImage result for and

Image result for seamus heaneyImage result for bought

Image result for from
Image result for afterlife
(Credit: Google search for words)

Yeah, I’m having too much fun with this.  I need to go ahead and quit.

— March 10, 2017

I gotta get something goin, seems like.  Otherwise, things might get rough.  More on that as things develop.This journal isn’t progressing as well as I thought it might have.

Not what I envisioned.  I envisioned it would turn me into an internationally respected man of letters.  Ok, maybe it didn’t.  I’m not sure what a man of letters is, anyhow.  I just heard William Monahan, the guy who wrote the Departed, say he wanted to be one.  I’m not sure that he knew what that was either.  He hasn’t done a whole lot since the Departed.  I actually may be wrong on that.  He did the Gambler…so that means he wrote this:

Ok, he’s still pretty freaking great.  I take it back.  Still, how the hell does Goodman not have an Oscar?  There must be skulduggery involved (another word I don’t know, but which Lincoln used, so yeah).

New Entry (3/6/17) — March 6, 2017

New Entry (3/6/17)

Ahh, it’s so crazy to be seeing ’17 as the year.  I know that’s something that has been said too frequently, for too long.  Everyone’s got that lament.  The sand falls through everyone’s hourglass and never goes back up.   Unless they’re Fran Drescher.  Mmmhmm.

Ohh wait, sand…through…her hourglass….wildly inappropriate sounding?  No?

I just know that sentence is going to come back to haunt me.  Most of my sentences do.  Especially the ones of 5 years or more.

Ba dum chhh!

Just on fire tonight/this morning.  But seriously, a blog is always classed up with a photo of Franny. You’re welcome haters.


Sorry, just gone Franny Crazy.  I hate how people forget she was in Spinal Tap.  Lame.  Real “shit sandwich”, if you will.

Have I gone off the deep end here?

Maybe.  Maybe.  Maybe.

First Post — August 25, 2015

First Post

Well I just now discovered this thingy and I guess I’ll go ahead and put some stuff in it.  That’s what she said?  I don’t know. Was that the inappropriate time?  I like inappropriate non sequitur That’s What She Saids.  I remember I used to have a very pretentious and unfunny friend who claimed to be a master of That’s What She Said.  She stopped being my friend because I was angry at her for saying I wasn’t smart enough to be a lawyer.  Wow we’ve gone deep already.  Haven’t we?  Perhaps I shouldn’t share these things.  Should I?  Why not?  This thing has a nifty little word counter at the bottom and I like that.  I’m going to learn to use this on the fly without the manual like I usually do.   Because I’m so intrepid and American and actually lazy which I think is actually American.

This is not going to be one of those Shit on America blogs.  That’s as far as I’m going.  My TV set is more important than my mortgage.  I promise, that’s the last one.  But seriously, who doesn’t need a new giant television set every two months?

This blog may contain bad poetry and bad other ramblings of various sorts and descriptions.  This also may well be my last post.  Who knows?  Who could know these kinds of things without foresight?  Or William Forsythe?  I find my lack of faith disturbing.  I’m spiraling now.  Pathetically trying to be entertaining with lame pop culture references because I have no sturm und drang to overtake you with.  That sound really creepzilla.  Is it time to quit? It’s always/never.  Yeah, I just used a dash there very pretentiously.

I’ve been watching too much Netflix and that has little to nothing to do with my previous thought.  It’s all cheesy knight action movies.  Seriously watch Outcast.  I know Hayden Christensen and Nicolas Cage is not the ideal combo for actors and Crusaders in Crouching Tiger Era China does not sound like a great idea…but it’s a super fun movie.

I think I’m gonna quit for the moment while I’m just sorta behind.