Misty – just

After spending the last 12 months on a series of photographic adventures, mainly in Wales, I decided it was about time to have a go at my hometown of Worcester. Unfortunately as I have said on previous post from this morning, the weather did not really play ball.  I spent the morning looking for new angles on familiar locations and this was probably the best from the morning. I had hoped for a little bit more mist but this was as good as it got.

Serenity (explored 15/2/17)
A break from woodland shots but still all about trees. Another shot from the vault processed with the Nik software

As I am sat here looking out the window at some very grey weather, I have had to resort to the holiday snaps again.
Even in a place as wonderful as Venice there are darker corners. The graffiti covered news stand looked a little out of place with all the beautiful buildings around it.

Suffering from a severe lack of new material at the moment so this is from a few weeks ago.  Hopefully I might be able to get some new material this weekend as I am off on a mini adventure, the weather though, is not looking too promising.

Had an evening to myself last night so I thought I would use it wisely. I spent it delving into the fascinating world of luminosity masks, I am that sad!!

Dinorwic (explored 22/9/16 #2)
There is always the possibility of getting some dramatic light in the mountains. After a grey start to the day we were treated to some very dramatic light, add to that the scale and interest of the disused slate quarry and I was hopeful of some exciting images. You can never be sure until you look on the screen but I felt this image portrayed a bit of the magnificence of Dinorwic.