Ohh my.  I know less about the news than ever and I’m so much happier.  Actually I’m not happier, I just am hearing less about depressing things.  I believe in secondhand news though.  Maybe a degree of separation from the nonsense of the major news peddlers will make it less bullshitty even if its the complete opposite of what the reporters said.  Who knows?  I really didn’t think through what I just said.  I’m supposed to write a journal for a class about ethics.  Surprisingly, year 30 into my post secondary career, that’s the first time I’ve had to write about that.

But you don’t want to hear about my life.  You want to hear me shit on Trump?  Right?  Well, there’s too much secret service for me to drop trow above him or to get some kind of recording apparatus set up, so I fear you won’t hear me defecate on the president.  For a second there, I forgot how to spell President, and defecate.  Plus I wouldn’t want to, I don’t know the guy well enough.  He might not be in to that.  Rush Limbaugh on the other hand….well Bill Hicks made that joke already and I’m not George Carlin and Denis Leary.   I pay the iron price for my jokes.  And they still aren’t funny.

Well I’m finally finishing Season 2 of Twin Peaks after years of putting it off now that the show is on again.   It really is just as big a mess as people have said, perhaps worse.  I dunno.  I really love the Mr. Horn pretending to be Robert E Lee reversing the course of the Civil War thing.  I think that character should have been more permanent.  I wish Netflix would also put Northern Exposure on, as well.

Anybody watching the American Gods show?