Abandoned Tires by arbyreed

Tires dumped on public lands in the sage brush in the high desert near Milford, Beaver County, Utah.

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Old Barn With Straw by arbyreed

Abandoned barn near Rattlesnake Pass, Box Elder, County, Utah.

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Intake by arbyreed

Inspired by the work of Ed ( http://ift.tt/2p5e0g3 ) and Shoebox50 ( http://ift.tt/2p5aHFy ) who continually share cool car detail photos. Check out their streams.

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Grain Elevators by arbyreed

Milford, Beaver County, Utah.

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White Christmas by arbyreed

High-key snow for a Christmas morning. SCERA Park, Orem, Utah County, Utah.

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Repurposed Googie by arbyreed

Googie gone Asian. Note sign and base — close up above

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Night Rig by arbyreed

Off shore oil rig about twenty minutes past sunset. Catalina Island is visable in the background

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British Mini Tank by arbyreed

Restored “tank thing” on display at the automotive museum in Costa Mesa, CA.

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Round the Rugged Rock by arbyreed

Piggyback train rounding one of the Mormon Rocks in Cajon Pass, California

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Two Trains by arbyreed

Two trains passing each other in Cajon Pass, California

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Timp Early Snow 02 by arbyreed

Timpanogos on a stormy afternoon.

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Captain Jack by arbyreed

Keeping a weather eye out for land lubbers

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