Casa juanita by thomas3667

Casa juanita
Canaries IslandsThis curious building is situated along the coast in the Northern village of Arrieta, it stands out from the small white typical buildings with its painted red and blue bricks and garden complete with grass. We fondly refer to it as the dolls house, you can find this property next to the old fishing harbour and a small beach with sea pool.

The house was constructed in 1916 for Don Juan de Leon Perdomo who lived in the municipality before emigrating to live in Argentina having made his fortune selling wheat. Juan married Juana Aleman and they had a daughter called Juana de Leon Aleman who was born in 1904. Their daughter, known as Juanita was poorly with tuberculosis, her parents on the advice of doctors returned to Lanzarote believing that the fresh sea air would aid her recovery. It’s said that the house was modelled on her dolls house, it was called the Chalet de Arrieta. Sadly, Juanita died in 1921.

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