Jared Tyler

Don’t Let Me Get Me.

Don’t burn yourself out.

This is the second image from my 2016 show on Self-Stigma.
Don't Let Me Get Me.

Let Me Down Easy.

The struggle is real.
Let Me Down Easy.

Get Well Soon.
Get Well Soon.

You Can’t Heal A Wound by Saying It’s Not There.


“But in dark times when we close our eyes

It’s a nightmare,

it’s a nightmare.

And when the sun don’t shine we lose our minds.

But I swear, we can get there. -Bea Miller

Healing doesnt mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives.

We are not weak.

and it’s about damn time we change the Stigma surrounding addiction.

This is a B&W version of a photo that will be in my 2016 Senior Thesis Show titled “Impressions”.

I have so many awesome photo ideas for the new year. I’ve decided that once I’m done with my Stigma show I will moving in a completely different direction with my work. NO MORE SAD ARTWORK, I’ve nailed sad on the head with my photography because I was sad. I’m finally in the right headspace and I’ve realized I want to make people feel good when they see my portfolio. I want my work to be an example of what can happen with a simple change in attitude. Every day I feel more and more inspired to show everyone how beautiful they really are, and to love themselves the way they should. I’ve lived far to long focusing on everything that was wrong with me and I began to not care about myself anymore. I’m turning the page now. I’m happy? and that’s something that I never thought I would say. I want to show you that there is green grass on the other side of the mountain. That there’s actually a light at the end of the tunnel but you have to keep going to be able to see it. Believe me, it’s real, and it’s brilliant. There’s hope for you always you just can’t give up on it, and I want my art to be living proof of that. I am proof of it.

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I love you all.”


And Love, If Your Wings Are Broken. Borrow Mine So Yours Can Open Too.
Because I’m gonna stand by you. ❤

Many artists, poets, musicians and inventors discover that they have a Higher Self – an omniscient source of intelligence guiding their lives with meticulous care and wisdom, navigating the right people and situations into view for the highest and best learning potential, and perpetually trying to communicate directly through synchronicities, visions and dreams. Those who make an accurate, stable connection with their Higher Self truly awaken the genius within – tapping into a limitless reservoir of creativity, intelligence and flawless guidance available to each and every person.

-Divine Cosmos

You Were Looking for Help in All the Wrong Places.

Another piece from my show “Nonrefundable If Damaged” Coming up on March 4th at the Gwen Frostic Art Gallery.

“We’re All Made Of Stars.”

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.

“Let Go of Your Hurt.”

Forgiving is not forgetting. It’s letting go of the hurt.

So this image wraps up my series on Self-Stigma. It wasn’t all that I had hoped it would be, but then again what ever is? it’s funny because this stigma series wasn’t even supposed to be self portraits in the first place, but it became much more than that. It became a narrative of my life both now and then, a transformation of sorts.
From bandaids to butterflies.

Mr. Right Now.

more from my text series.

If Tomorrow Starts Without Me.

know that the sky never ends,
Even if valentines flowers last only a week
before rotting and,

why do we step in puddles
with new shoes on and why
the only memories we can remember,

are the ones that make us sick
inside, and why so many people fuck,
but never love, and this is why

late at night, beneath the covers
as the light bulbs cool off, i feel nothing
in my soul except the ceiling fan.

“They Described Us As Bad Habits With Good Intentions.”

She is going to walk through that door;
a mess of smiles and rain-kissed hair,
and you’re going to want her.
Want her name in your mouth, her hands on your heart.
But you will have to wait.
She’s not the person
you are meant to love yet.

She’s got to fumble on her own first,
show others the pink in her mouth and spring
in her heart. She’s going to take sadness to bed
and call it intimate. Call it loving.

She’s going to hurt.
And yet.
She’s going to make herself smile,
so you can smile together.

No matter how angry the storm, the waves always
hug the shore. Eventually people return home.
Scraped knees and purple under her eyes;
she’s going to come back.

She’ll smile something like heartbreak,
say, look at you, look at you,
I’ve been growing my heart for yours.

-Alaska Gold

Up Against The Wall, We Don’t Need A Title.
Inspired by Rihanna’s new album “Anti”. ❤