Revised- Back Porch Mamiya Press Test Shot, Hawthorne NJ, Winter 2016 by Steve Fretz:This is from the initial Mamiya Press test roll. Re-scanned this evening to see if I’ve learned anything. Liking this reading a lot better … will take more 6×9 shots under “representative” conditions when the next 5-pack arrives. (Thursday, according to Amazon)

65mm F6.3, probably shot at F11 or F16 and whatever the light meter in my Nikon D600 indicated, plus a bit. Portra 400, probably.

When the the Mamiya Press works (no lens flare issues) oh gosh does it work nice. Except it makes me wonder how much better a 4×5 would be.


Parked Cars After Snowstorm, Hawthorne NJ Cinestill 800T/120 Test by Steve Fretz:When I dropped this off, the clerk exclaimed “This is the new Cinestill 800T/120!”

I replied, “Yes, I’m a beta tester.”

They’ll be getting a report after I post a few more (I want them to see my handiwork, obvs)

Impressions: very forgiving. Right now, the ONLY tungsten balanced 120 print film I’m aware of.

Mamiya 645J, a minute at F8 (I think – while I did bracket, it’s super hard to tell which is which) with 55 2.8N. Scanning: Epson V600. Edited in Lightroom, final de-graining and sharpness in NeatImage.


Parked Trucks Near lafayette Avenue II, Hawthorne NJ by Steve Fretz:Another couple of “one-liners” from the Yashicamat 124G and Portra 160, which, in this shot, has remarkably little grain.

Never used this tree service (never needed one – I lived in a Jersey City row house), but they’ve been in business for AGES, so if you need one, why not call?


Aparatments, Frsh Snow, Hawthorne NJ – Cinestill 800T/120 Beta Test by Steve Fretz:Mamiya 645J, 55mm 2.8, 1 minute at F11. Scanned w/Epson V600, Lightroom and NeatImage.