I gotta get something goin, seems like.  Otherwise, things might get rough.  More on that as things develop.This journal isn’t progressing as well as I thought it might have.

Not what I envisioned.  I envisioned it would turn me into an internationally respected man of letters.  Ok, maybe it didn’t.  I’m not sure what a man of letters is, anyhow.  I just heard William Monahan, the guy who wrote the Departed, say he wanted to be one.  I’m not sure that he knew what that was either.  He hasn’t done a whole lot since the Departed.  I actually may be wrong on that.  He did the Gambler…so that means he wrote this:

Ok, he’s still pretty freaking great.  I take it back.  Still, how the hell does Goodman not have an Oscar?  There must be skulduggery involved (another word I don’t know, but which Lincoln used, so yeah).