— September 5, 2015

Just another day, kinda neglected this blog, but I’ll come back to it now.  I haven’t quite given up yet.  That’s comforting, no?  Had a bad bout of drinkin the other night and just haven’t really come back up to earth yet.  I haven’t even come back up to the topsoil yet.

Ohh mother…I can feel…my head pushing through some clay?

Bad Smiths song adjustment.

I’m back at home for labor day weekend.  Haven’t done anything yet.  Not sure what to do.  Or whether to make a great to-do about that.  I should probably just use the whole weekend to study.  I’m not behind, but I want to get ahead.  Wow, this sucks.  This is like some pile of shit a 13 year old would write in a diary.   What have I become?