Well I just now discovered this thingy and I guess I’ll go ahead and put some stuff in it.  That’s what she said?  I don’t know. Was that the inappropriate time?  I like inappropriate non sequitur That’s What She Saids.  I remember I used to have a very pretentious and unfunny friend who claimed to be a master of That’s What She Said.  She stopped being my friend because I was angry at her for saying I wasn’t smart enough to be a lawyer.  Wow we’ve gone deep already.  Haven’t we?  Perhaps I shouldn’t share these things.  Should I?  Why not?  This thing has a nifty little word counter at the bottom and I like that.  I’m going to learn to use this on the fly without the manual like I usually do.   Because I’m so intrepid and American and actually lazy which I think is actually American.

This is not going to be one of those Shit on America blogs.  That’s as far as I’m going.  My TV set is more important than my mortgage.  I promise, that’s the last one.  But seriously, who doesn’t need a new giant television set every two months?

This blog may contain bad poetry and bad other ramblings of various sorts and descriptions.  This also may well be my last post.  Who knows?  Who could know these kinds of things without foresight?  Or William Forsythe?  I find my lack of faith disturbing.  I’m spiraling now.  Pathetically trying to be entertaining with lame pop culture references because I have no sturm und drang to overtake you with.  That sound really creepzilla.  Is it time to quit? It’s always/never.  Yeah, I just used a dash there very pretentiously.

I’ve been watching too much Netflix and that has little to nothing to do with my previous thought.  It’s all cheesy knight action movies.  Seriously watch Outcast.  I know Hayden Christensen and Nicolas Cage is not the ideal combo for actors and Crusaders in Crouching Tiger Era China does not sound like a great idea…but it’s a super fun movie.

I think I’m gonna quit for the moment while I’m just sorta behind.